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A flat lay of four pairs of overalls
Vintage Overalls
Do you own a pair of overalls?

If you don't, might I suggest that you change this? 

Overalls have been around for well over a couple hundred years (some say as early as 1776). And though many companies made them proudly through the centuries, it may have been the great Levi Strauss (because of mass production) who really got their utilitarian awareness kicked into gear.

I remember a time in my life when overalls were a huge deal (the 1990s.) They were baggy, hip-hop-styled, and yes, I wore them. They were comfortable and awesome. I even wore them when I was pregnant with my first son. Easy to wear. 

But, I also semi-promised myself that I wouldn't wear them again because of that little spell in the '90s when I did wear them. Why? Maybe because it reminded me too much of my youth - and MC Hammer - and I stepped away from wearing them because I had "become an adult."

Well, that was a mistake.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I own a pair that I'm in love with. And to be completely honest, I wouldn't mind owning a few more pairs. 

In my Etsy-shop-owning tenure, out of nearly 10,000 items sold, a good 5% of those sales are overalls.

A huge chunk of that 5% are overalls from the '90s. So, not only have I reversed my initial decision not to wear overalls ever again, but overalls are one of the most lucrative items in my shop.

Go figure.

As mentioned before, there's a reason they're so popular: they're some of the most comfortable items of clothing you will ever wear. Soft, oversized, roomy... what's not to love?

For the most part, I always have a stash of overalls in my shop. As I previously stated, most of them are from the late '80s to early 2000s.

But, I do regularly - albeit more rarely - find quite a few pairs of overalls from the 1950s through the 1970s. I list them as soon as I can because they sell quickly. There is a large demand for them all over the world. It's the workwear mania that so many folks want to be a part of.

I can't blame them one bit.

If you have your eye on a pair of overalls from my shop, Perennial Vintage, I'd suggest you purchase them as soon as you can. I can't tell you how often I get queries from folks who waited too long to purchase them and someone else beat them to the pair they wanted in my store.

They're an in-demand item. So, if you're interested in selling vintage on Etsy, this is one staple I'd recommend you always list in your shop. They sell like hotcakes (you can quote me on that) and they sell because they're utilitarian and comfortable to wear.

I mean, think of this: Parents clothe their infants, toddlers, and children in overalls. Back in the day, partly because denim was so dependable and work-worthy, and kids worked younger than they do now, this was an easy choice.

But, today (think adorable Osh-Kosh overalls), kids are still wearing them. That's because they're durable, easy to clean, and a great way to corral your young ones (merely slip a hand behind the back, and voila - your child is literally in your grasp.)

There's a good probability your parents put you in overalls. Remember how free and happy you were then? Maybe, just maybe, overalls are the true key to happiness. I mean, it's worth a shot, people!

So, don't do what I did and deny yourself the wearing of overalls all because of a (bad) fashion period in the 1990s. Wear them because they look great, they will serve you well in any activity you do - gardening, painting your house, running errands, grocery shopping, feeding the cows - and for the most part (the newer ones) are not terribly expensive.

You can buy them everywhere, from Amazon to Target. 

But, if you humor me once more and take my advice... the older ones are better. Better quality, better look, and better materials...and they have that worn-in patina you just can't duplicate with new ones.

If you're looking for a great pair of vintage overalls, you've come to the right place. Let me know what you think of overalls. Too frumpy? Too baggy for you? Not a fan of having to undo the straps every time you need to use the bathroom (ladies, I know... but still, I'd recommend them)? Tell me.

You'll probably get compliments. I know I do every single time I wear them. It's crazy how many folks love overalls. That says everything, doesn't it?

Bring a little youth back into your life. Wear overalls!

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