Memorial Day Sale at Perennial Vintage

 For those who want sales alerts, here's one!

20% off all weekend and Monday starts today in the shop.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm thankful for those who sacrificed for us all. ♥

Here's a couple patriotic items:

Awesome Eagle Bandana ( 'merica!) 

Eagle Bandana on a rug

Vintage military bag

Artist Virginia Demont-Breton │ The Fisherman's Wife after Bathing Her Children │TGIVF

When I came across this painting online the other day, I stopped scrolling. It took my breath away. The artist is Virginie Demont-Breton, a French painter, whose work became known from the 1880s and beyond.

There's a lot to love about it and I, many moons ago as a young mom with two boys, can relate to it. It's a snippet of a mom's life.

The boys she's carrying, where she's walking - on the rocks - balancing life and work and ... everything. Her face is angelic. And the point of the whole piece, in my opinion. She is a mom. She is an angel. What a beautiful work of art.

Have a wonderful Friday. Thank God it's Vintage Friday. (TGIVF)

Painting by Demont-Breton

Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859 - 1935), "The fisherman's wife after bathing her children" (1881), oil painting on canvas (203.2 x 126.4 cm.)

Annie the Movie | Vintage Cinema and a Blast to My Past

A movie still from Annie
 My first movie - in a theater - was at six years old. It was 1982. The movie was Annie, the musical.

And it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. 

The first movie in a theater is always a big deal. But that it was a musical really made it the pinnacle of my new cinematic experience. How do you top a musical? Cinema, music, and dance all rolled into one.

I'm sure I was overwhelmed. And I think I was. Because every time I think of Annie, I smile and a huge rush of good feelings wash over me.

I had the glass cup from a fast food restaurant, the Halloween costume, the soundtrack on cassette - that my sisters and I listened to a thousand times -  and other bits of commercial promotional things growing up. It became a part of my life.

My niece played Annie in a local theater production last week. She did so well and was the perfect lead. So proud of her!

A photo of a woman and an Annie
The perfect Annie
It got me thinking about the movie, Annie.  I hadn’t seen it in over 35 years. So? I watched it a couple days ago.

Did that take me back! I love the musical score, and the ‘20s costumes (with a huge ‘80s hint that was so prevalent in ‘80s movies - think Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark - set in the ‘40s but geez, the ‘80s influence is so apparent!)

I felt like I was six years old all over again in a dark theater, trying to navigate the folding seats and sticky flooring. Some things never change. I'm still trying to navigate those things.

It’s a great story though with a positive storyline too: anything is possible and anyone can be redeemed from Annie to Daddy Warbucks.

And even Mrs. Hannigan. Because the sun will come out tomorrow.

Liberty Pattern │ What is a Liberty Pattern?

A dress on a dress form in a floral pattern
One of the best things about selling vintage is the continual education I receive with each piece I purchase. Because research is required (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) on each item (from pricing to label history), I find new information about random stuff daily. 

Sometimes it's a new company or brand, sometimes it's a style or cut of clothing.

Yesterday, it was the "liberty" pattern. I was looking at an Etsy shop owner's current listed items and she kept referring to an all-over floral pattern as a liberty print.

So I looked it up. And sure enough, a liberty print's "pattern profile incorporates botanical, animalistic, Paisley, ikat, conversational, and a range of other motifs, while the floral one still prevails. Liberty fabrics can be vibrant or pastel, mysterious or playful, infused with motifs addressing Western or Eastern culture, but never solid and boring."

The liberty print was in fact created by a textile corporation in London back in the late 1800s of silk and moving onto cotton printed textiles, particularly of floral patterns, which is what gave the company its claim to fame.

So, now you know. Liberty pattern is an all-over floral pattern. Very busy and beautiful. 

For those who know fabrics, this is forgone knowledge. I'm late to the party on this one. But, now that I know,  that's one more descriptive bit of text I can add to my listings.

Cheers to knowledge!


Thrift Haul | May 21, 2024

 Today’s little thrift haul was small and sweet.  

  • Vintage ‘80s Boy Scout Trousers - My husband rolls his eyes at these because he had to wear them as a child. Hey, people love the color. I can’t blame them. It’s my favorite color, too!
  • Vintage Brighton Belt from 1993 - Belts are the best. Brighton has such good quality that I can’t pass them up. 
  • Vintage Frankoma Mug - So, I might be keeping this. (Shocker!) Collectible and then a knockout of a mug, I just love it. Sturdy, pottery, perfect.
  • Vintage Kensington Shirt with not-so-hidden Mickeys! - I’ve talked about these shirts in a previous post. I love these men’s Kennington crazy shirts. And Mickey, well, come on. How awesome to have little Mickey scattered throughout.
All are headed to the shop later this week. Thanks for loving vintage like I do. It’s the best.

Flatlayn of vintage

A belt on a bed

A mug

Frankoma signed

Boy Scout button

Boy Scout trousers

Crazy shirt

Mickey image in a shirt pattern

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