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Close up of dying roses
I thought I was done with posts for this vintage blog today, but I guess not.

I received these gorgeous roses from my husband for Valentine's Day a couple of weeks ago.

Even though they're fading now, they're still gorgeous; they're still emitting an energy and beauty that makes me gasp and stare as I take photographs in the afternoon light here on a dreary, damp day in California.

What's incredible about flowers, especially roses, is that they still retain their beauty even though their outsides - and insides - are visibly dying.

I'd like to take a lesson from my roses: to continue to thrive even if I don't think I look my best.

The truth is that "our best" is subjective.

An image of a vase and roses
We're hard on ourselves. We go through hard things. We do hard things. Life weathers us. But you know? We're still alive. That's huge. That's everything.

This means if that's the case, if we're still alive, then we're still beautiful and we can still do beautiful things no matter how we feel.

Both the fresh new rose and the dying faded rose are beautiful. They're beautiful in their own way.

And God uses all the roses.

God is never done with us. Nor is he ever far from us. What he made beautiful to start with he can make beautiful again... or just continue to keep beautiful.

Have a great evening.

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