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Today, I'm wearing my vintage Norwegian sweater.

Flaty lay of a Norwegian sweater

I come across a few every year and they sell quickly (and I usually wish I'd kept one or two.)

But that's me and my sweater addiction talking again. I can't possibly wear all that I find, so many end up in the shop. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. They need to end up in the shop.

Author wearing a norwegian cardigan

But, it's no wonder why they're quickly sold and quickly worn. They're quality wool, made from expert craftmanship.

Dale of Norway is a famous brand that makes beautiful Norwegian sweaters. They've been in business for over a hundred and forty years, with their sweaters made world famous after World War 2.

Their modern pieces are beautiful but I have to say, like most things vintage, the older ones appear to be better made with better wool. 

That isn't to say I wouldn't have a modern one. I would! They're gorgeous. But if I had a choice, new over vintage, I'd prefer the vintage ones. Just how it is, and if you've owned vintage ones, you know what I'm talking about.

Alongside vintage Cowichan sweaters made by the Salish tribe from Vancouver Island, or the Aran fisherman wool sweaters of Ireland, the Norwegian (or any of the Nordic countries) sweaters are some of the best made I've ever come across. 

Close up of a cardigan

I picked this one up probably eight years ago and I've kept it and worn it with joy.

That fair isle pattern, with knitted wool - usually hand-knitted wool-  is such exemplary material and make, that it exceeds any modern piece.

Gorgeous norwegian buttons on a cardigan

I'm sure they're out there. But, they're few and far between (or you need to go to Norway to find them.)

Vintage Norwegian label

If I find more, I'll get them into my shop ASAP. I know folks love them as much as I do.

A vintage cardigan

Enjoy the last few weeks of winter. I know I am. The rains are here and there is a ton of snow up in the Sierra Nevadas which is great for our desperate need to fill the water reservoirs in California.

Wear those sweaters folks because before you know it, summer will be here.


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