Vintage Aran Sweaters │ Why Irish-Made Aran Sweaters are Quality

If you've ever owned a hand-made sweater, you know the quality I'm talking about. They're like no other sweater you've ever owned.

Aran sweaters, much like vintage Norwegian sweaters and Cowichan sweaters of the Salish of Vancouver Island, are of the same quality. Handmade, made with precision and craftsmanship equal to none, and they're made of thick, warm, quality wool.

A stack of warn irish sweaters

The oil from the sheep's wool (a protective layer called lanolin) makes the Aran sweaters we love so much practically waterproof. They are sturdy and durable, and that they're beautiful is an incredible bonus.

The Aran sweaters originate from the Aran Islands off the coast of West Ireland. I've owned a few over the years and adore them, and I sell them as often as I can find them.

Vintage aran sweater close up

They are the warmest, thickest, and most quality-made sweaters. And while the modern ones are beautiful, there is something about the vintage ones that are thicker - and maybe warmer -than the modern ones.

I prefer the vintage ones. They're worn in, they're thicker and seem to be better made. When the item says "handmade" for vintage sweaters, I believe it. It looks like something my grandmother could've made me.

set of three aran sweaters

When it comes to saying "handmade" on modern ones, I question the veracity. I think maybe parts of the sweater are handmade, but I doubt the completion of the item as a hand-sewn item through and through. 

Whether modern companies admit it or not, the bottom line affects the quality of the new ones. The modern Aran sweaters (or jumpers as the UK calls them) are fantastic... just not quite as good as the older ones.

Again, this is my opinion. It's not fact. But, having sold hundreds of these sweaters, you can be sure I know the difference between old versus new fabrics and make.

Flat lay image of an aran sweater on a rug

I just picked up another Aran sweater today, and it will be in the shop as soon as I can get it listed. I have several other Aran sweaters listed right now, although they are currently in other folks' carts. They sell very quickly. 

If you don't own an Aran sweater, now you know why they're wonderful sweaters... and so in demand. They're slow fashion in its finest form: handmade, slowly made with love, and with sustainable materials. 

You can also hand these sweaters down to family members if you take care of them. That's how remarkable they are.

May the luck of the Irish be with you in these sweaters. I know it is for me.

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