Vintage Sweater + Vintage Jeans + Vintage Belt + Vintage Mug │Vintage Outfit of the Day

image of woman wearing a sweater and jeans
I wanted to show you my vintage outfit of the day. 

A long time ago, I used to post my vintage outfits regularly on my old Instagram account. I posted many "outfits of the day" and it was a unique time. I made many good friends and back then, like from 2014-2016, Instagram was a community of like-minded folks. 

It wasn't all about advertising, or reels (that didn't exist then), or one-upping your competition. It was all about beautiful photos, simple living, and a chance to connect with people who shared the same interests.

Instagram is a different animal now.

While I don't miss posting all the time, I do miss telling others what I threw together for the day. 

Now, my closet is about half vintage. The other half is filled with more modern pieces.

When you wear and sell vintage like I do, it happens. In truth, I love vintage more than modern clothing. They're better made and better looking and I'm into slow fashion.

An image of a vintage Pebble Beach sweater label
I'm also a minimalist. So every piece I have in my closet counts. And here's the best part: I wear every single piece and I adore every piece in my closet. (If you're interested in more about minimalism, check out my blog on that).

Many people wonder how to wear vintage. They think it has to be this over-the-top, bold look when it's sometimes all about the normal things. In fact, most days, it's about the average stuff we wear.

Of course, a great vintage dress is necessary on some days. And those days will be documented.

But, I've written many articles about how to wear vintage (I even wrote an ebook about it and you can get that in my Etsy shop) and it's quite easy. Find what you love, find more of it, and wear it.

I love vintage sweaters, vintage denim, vintage belts, and vintage mugs (these are my top-selling items in my shop and my favorite items to wear- go figure!) so today's outfit makes me happy.

An image of a woman wearing a sweater with a belt and jeans and mug

Today's look is:

  • A green wool vintage sweater. Originally men's, but just as great for ladies as an oversized, comfy sweater, made by Pebble Beach of Califonia, circa 1960s. 
  • A vintage burgundy belt that I sometimes throw on with the "woolie" of the day.
  • A pair of vintage denim jeans. These are from the 1950s-1960s. They fit like a dream.
  • And the mug, well, I just happened to pick this mug for today and then realized I matched it later on. Naturally, it needed to make the picture.
  • Shoes are Chucks (Okay, these are modern... but they have a vintage appeal!)

Wearing vintage is easy. Every single thing I'm wearing today is vintage. Once you start adding pieces you like to your wardrobe, you begin to get a taste of what you like, what you want, and the vintage lifestyle your closet is asking for.

If you're looking to add vintage to your wardrobe, start with one item, and start small. Like a vintage mug. Then a vintage belt... and go from there.


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