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A lot of people have taken personality tests to uncover who they are. While I don't think these tests are definitive - humans are multi-faceted and complex and no test can completely uncover "who" you are - they can shed light on your behavior and why you act as you do.

There are many different tests but two come to mind.

One is made by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, which is a great way to comprehend more about who you are and how you tick. Here's a test to take if you're interested in what MBTI personality you are.

Another is the Enneagram Type Descriptions. Both are informative and get you to think about why you feel, think, act, and live as you do. But as I said before, I don't bank on the results as an "end all" to why I am the way I am.

We may be born with a certain personality but we also make choices. Choices determine who we become as much as our innate personality shapes us.

I'm an INFJ on the Myers & Briggs test and an Enneagram 4 (to a T). Taking these tests (only a few years ago for the first time) made me realize I'm not weird for being the way I am because that's how I was made! INFJs are on the rare side; there aren't a whole lot of us out there, so finding similar people like me has been hard. 

It also points me toward why I love vintage so much. This is one of the biggest parts of why I was happy to uncover more about my personality.

My sisters like certain things like I do, but not in the same way. Sure they like some vintage things, but they don't need it on the same level as I do. They could live without it, whereas vintage is like oxygen to me. I love, live, breathe, drink, eat, and exist for vintage, quality, heritage, and classic things. The same goes for my introverted, thinking, and writing personality.

I'm an old soul living in a world surrounded by people who don't like it like I do.

So, when I uncovered I was a "Four" on the Enneagram types, it affirmed why I loved, lived, acted, and thought the way I did. And it especially showed me I wasn't a nut for loving vintage and creativity like I do! Vintage equals creativity and individualism. My desire to stand out and be unique, well, that's me. And the best part is that there are others out there like me. Just like me. I'm not alone.

This doesn't mean I don't need to work on myself or change my negative traits. Nor does it give me an excuse to just "be the way I am" as an out for bad behavior. But it does remind me that God made me the way I am and I can be secure, understanding, and accepted - even if only by Him - for the way I am.

So, now you know who I am. Curious to know a little more about who you are?

Click on these links to learn more. ►Meyers and Briggs style 16 Personality Types. ►Enneagram Types.

Books for INFJ / Type 4:

The INFJ Handbook

The INFJ Writer (great book - I love this one as a writer. Because, duh, most writers are INFJs)

The Enneagram Type 4


A type four enneagram image
When I saw this image, I about fell over. This is me 100%: Boots, vintage, jeans, books... it doesn't get any more me than this. Sure, I have other traits not listed here, but on the surface, a quick glance, it's me. I about cried when I saw it because it represented me and made me see I love what I love because it's how I was made! I'm not crazy. I'm just being me.

Type 4 enneagram image

INFJ image

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