Vintage Haul │ My Thrifted Finds June 12, 2024

Today was another great day for thrifted finds. And this time, it's more than a handful of items.

It's warm outside these June days, so getting out early to the thrift stores is imperative before I'm a wilted flower, dragging my finds behind me.

Here's what I got:

A flat lay of vintage items
  • Two vintage '90s braided belts
  • Two vintage '80s / '90s bandanas
  • One Irish '80s Aran Cardigan (Love!! These are always one of my favorite finds)
  • One pair of vintage '60s military olive green trousers fatigues (Again, love!!)
  • One vintage '80s Eddie Bauer men's park
  • One vintage '60s / '70s  fair isle ski sweater
  • One vintage mug (I'm keeping this one - one of mine just broke yesterday and for .99 cents, I couldn't refuse this one - a legit excuse this time to add to my vintage mug collection.)
  • One vintage '70s Pyrex olive green refrigerator dish (keeping for my collection).
Not shown, is a basic '90s denim jean blouse (I forgot to put that in the shot). 

For my Etsy shop, summer months always mean a slump in sales. 

This happens to every Etsy seller in nearly every category on Etsy worldwide. Why? Everyone who is normally buying vintage or handmade items is out traveling!

A celtic cardigan label

Fall is the best time for sales for me and so is the Christmas season. This is why, even in the summer, I'm stocking up on sweaters, pants, long sleeves, and wool items and generally keeping my shop "winterized."

I'm prepping for the busy season. Even though it's blazing outside, that season begins in late August when kids (especially college students) head back to school.

Have a great week, my vintage friends! 

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