Spring Blossom Redesign Pyrex │ Vintage Pyrex Thrifted Find

Pyrex came out with the lovely Spring Blossom design in the 1970s and came out with a "redesign" of it in 1979. My mom had this pattern, so it's one of my favorites.

Spring Blossom Green, that's this pattern here. I found the smallest bowl (401) in this pattern a few days ago. It was in a semi-rough shape with use and wear all over it.

But, as I always say for those who thrift Pyrex, "Beggars can't be choosy." I have been looking for this little bowl for over three years.  After using a great cleaner that isn't too abrasive (called Peek- it doesn't take off the paint and is very gentle on Pyrex), it looked pretty dang good. Some paint was a little chippy, but not bad at all.

My collection is still coming along and I'm always so excited when I find a piece I don't have. That's getting rarer every day, but that's okay. I'll take it!

It's all about the treasure hunt.

A bowl with green and white flowers

A vintage bowl

A cabinet of vintage bowls

Spring Blossom Info in a book
This is from Pyrex Passion Book. Get it here!

Image of Pyrex in a Book
Pyrex Passion Book Page on Spring Blossom Green - Get it here!


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