Vintage 1950s Mustard Yellow Pilgrim Corduroy Shirt

I just posted this beauty in my Etsy shop today. While it's an "average" item in that it's a corduroy shirt (okay, not that average ... corduroy shirts aren't common like other regular button-down shirts), it's a touch older than most I find.
A flat lay corduroy shirt

This is a loop collar corduroy shirt made by Pilgrim, which was a label put out by Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

It's probably late '50s, maybe early '60s. It is labeled a vintage large but may fit a modern medium best.

Despite its age, being 60+ years old, it's in amazing condition. I marvel at vintage quality every single time I sell something like this. 

I love vintage clothing. And though I am a woman and love wearing vintage dresses, there is something I love maybe even more about men's vintage clothing.

I'm so attracted to the fabrics, colors, and styles the men wore in the '40s '50s, and '60s. As I've mentioned before, I fit a man's small perfectly, and I have long arms, so finding vintage women's sweaters shirts and even pants that fit me can be challenging.

Picture of a vintage shirt on a wall

Regardless, I love both men's and women's vintage clothing equally and try to post both sides just as equally. Whether here on my blog or in my Etsy shop.

This corduroy shirt is quality cotton.

I honestly can't tell you any modern corduroy item would make it 60 years past its first date of production. It may make it past 10 years. Maybe.

Just one more reason to wear vintage. It's sustainable fashion, you're being eco-friendly, and it will probably outlast their new counterparts.

The label is beautiful too. I could stare at vintage labels all day. Wow.

A close up of a vintage pilgrim label

The color is mustard yellow which is a beautiful but often overlooked color... everyone should own something of this hue in their closet. 

It's great year-round but particularly lovely in the fall.

The item is in the shop. ◄

Have a great weekend!

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