Vintage Gunne Sax Dresses | The Ultimate Vintage Princess FairyTale Prairie Dress

Woman wearing a vintage Gunne Sax dress
If you're privy to Gunne Sax dresses, you know how beautiful and desirable they are.

There's a reason for this: Gunne Sax was a division of the Jessica McClintock Clothing line that started in 1967. McClintock is well-known for their beautiful dresses.

But, the Gunne Sax line wasn't just formals and prom dresses, which is more of what the McClintock company was about. Nope.

Gunne Sax was about the ethereal, prairie, fairy tale dresses that women worldwide wanted and still want.

Gauzy fabrics, lace, tulle, ribbons, bows, empire waists, layers of fabrics: it was feminine vintage beauty that was timeless as it was beautiful.

There hasn't been a line of clothing like them since. 

Some designers try, but they're usually a one-off, or now, they're cheap reproductions made in China.

Woman wearing a gunne sax dress
Vintage Gunne Sax dresses were all about beauty and quality. Made in the USA with amazing fabrics, beautiful colors, and stunning combinations of lace and ribbon.

All you have to do is search Gunne Sax on Etsy and you'll see what I'm talking about.

From Victorian style to Edwardian, Prairie, to Bohemian, there's a fairytale dress for any woman. Whatever their vintage desire.

I have a few for sale in my shop right now. They sell quickly; honestly, if they don't, I'll just put them back into my vintage wardrobe.

That's where they've been the last decade.

I'd been holding onto them because they're rare and hard to find. But I came to realize the most common question any collector has: "Where would I wear these?"

Maybe that's not the point. Maybe the point is to have a work of art that you could potentially wear.

The Front and Back of a blue Gunne Sax dress
And look like a queen in it simultaneously.

I may keep one, but really, I want others who will wear them to have them. That's what matters!

I want others to enjoy them and feel like a princess in them too. This is a slow-living dress if I've ever seen one. One to run in a field with, with flowers in your hair.

If you're looking for a little fairy tale in your life, these dresses are where it's at.


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