Vintage Blooms │ Pastel Pink Camellia Flowers in a California Winter

An image of a pink camellia bloom
Winters here in Northern California produce flowers in abundance.

It's a contradicting subject, but then, that's California for you.

Full of contradictions.

This camellia in my front yard is one of my favorites. I have a half dozen camellia bushes around my yard, front and back, but this one takes the cake.

I believe it's the "Debutante" variety of camellia japonica.

The older I get, the more I love flowers. I suppose it's my love for slow living and slow fashion. It all kind of blurs together these days. 

When you live in a vintage world as I do (vintage fashion) the old days and ways of living sort of creep into one's current life, too.

It's all connected. It's all wonderful. 

Flowers are beautiful and gardening is a way to activate the slow living movement, in my humble opinion. Things like writing, reading, gardening, vintage fashion, thrifting, playing music... it's all spectacular. What a way to truly live.

But then, I've always loved flowers. The word Perennial is used in my vintage shop name, so it's kind of with me all the time.

Perennial fashion, Perennial Vintage, perennial blooms.

My perennial camellias are gorgeous today.

Have a great weekend, my vintage friends.♥

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