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Vintage mug with a flower
Do I need another vintage mug?


But will I go out of my way, run people over (sort of), and snatch up a vintage mug if I see it idly - or not so idly - lying by in a thrift store?

You betchya.

I've talked about my vintage mug collection before. It's a real treasure to me, and the more I thrift, and the more I look for them, the more I realize how rare they're becoming to find.

I have friends who are now wanting these for their home use. And I'll gladly look for ones that fit their curated collection as well.

A hand holding three vintage mugs

But they are getting harder to find. Not just because they break or chip being used in kitchens all over America, but because I know there are plenty of people who are just like me and love these mugs.

So, they're in demand.

I also sell a ton of them. Over the last nearly 14 years, I've sold over 350 mugs. I'd say that's quite a few ... a few that I didn't keep for myself! I'm still selling them and have about 20 listed right now in the shop.

So, when I say that I love them, I really do. I am selling what I love... which is the best rule to keep to when sourcing items for your vintage shop.

But, I do have my small collection to tend to, so when I saw this set of three vintage mugs today at my local thrift, I had to have them.

A close up of a flower on a vintage mug

Will I keep them all?

Perhaps. But more than likely, I'll sell one or two of them as I use them and realize I don't need nearly as many as I think. (Maybe.)

For now, I just added them to my vintage mug collection and I think it looks quite nice. 

Today started out great but ended up thrice great.

Do you like vintage mugs? I've had so many varying opinions from folks on TikTok (sometimes I'll post a "mugtok" on my Pyrex TikTok account. Some people love these mugs, and some think they're ugly.

A cupboard of vintage mugs
My little collection

I think they're beautiful because they're all so unique. 

And as always, when things are unique, when others see the value in a vintage item, when more people like something than they don't, they become harder to find... which makes me want them all the more.

Have a great rest of your day. May your mug be vintage and your coffee hot!

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