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A close up of a rose
Pinterest is an interesting social media platform.

Because more than being "social," Pinterest is a search engine.

Interested in roses? You'll find a billion photos on that.

Interested in vintage typewriters? You can find that there, too.

While Pinterest may just seem like a crazy way to save things we love, or like to look at, I've found the more I use it, the more it allows me to research the things I'm interested in.

It's not just a vision-board type of thing (pinning things we want for our future) - which it can be -  but more of a way to group together all the things that interest you.

I obviously love vintage so almost everything I pin is vintage.

Perennial Vintage Supply Pinterest

From vintage clothing for women, vintage art, vintage labels... even vintage dogs!

If you haven't checked out my Pinterest boards, take a look. I've linked them right here. If you like what you see, follow me! It's all vintage (mostly), all the time.

While for some, Pinterest is a way to post what they "want," for me, it's a way to pin and repin all the beautiful things.

The things I find attractive, alluring, and tantalizing to my eyes. 

Have you been on Pinterest? What do you think of it? It's easy to get lost in there, but at the end of the day, being surrounded by beautiful things lifts me up. I almost gave up on the app (there’s an app for Pinterest, too) because I was getting tired of social media.

But as I said, it’s different: it’s a search engine not a social platform. It’s as personalized as you want it to be  

If you haven't checked Pinterest, I'd recommend looking at it. There's so much inspiration to be found.

Pin away, my vintage friends.

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