Thrifted Finds │ Fifth Week of February 2024 Thrifted Finds

This week's thrifting was a wool-filled event.

Picture of a vintage hanna hats label

When spring (or at least the idea of spring first hits Sacramento,) I think folks start to go through their warm clothing and begin donating it. This is when I end up buying most of my winter things for sale in my shop. It works out quite well.

stash of wool items

Buying off-season is the only way to stock my shop. Because by the time fall arrives this year, everyone is so intent on finding sweaters - and all things wool - for themselves, there is little for me to find.

vintage ll bean wool vest

So even though we're going into warmer months, I'm finding - and listing - warm winter things. And that is wonderful because I prefer warm items. So much of what I sell in my shop is for the fall through spring months.

I love wool; I especially love vintage wool, from vests to sweaters, skirts, and dresses.

ll bean wool vest label

I found three wool skirts, and a couple of wool vests this week.

One vest is the perennial favorite, LL Bean men's wool vest, and the other vest is an Irish-made wool vest.

hanna hats vintage vest

If this Hanna Hats vest was my size, I'd be keeping it. The quality of this vest is insane. The colors are rich and variegated, and the quality of the wool is so special. 

I'll be listing the wool items this week.

Stay warm!

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