Vintage Books │ An Antique Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book

It's no secret I love words.

Vintage sign in a book shelf

I'm a writer by trade, and love reading.

I also love vintage. All things vintage.

Several friends have given me these lovely signs about vintage and I've put them on my bookshelf. Partly because they fit right, and partly because it's a nice intermingling of two things I love.

Vintage sign in a book shelf

That may be the most fun thing to do. Take two things you love and put them together for all to see. I love green and blue and wear them together often. It's my favorite combination. Much like the "Black Watch" tartan plaid. 

Anyway, this Mark Twain book I've owned for years. I'm pretty sure I thrifted it and if not, then maybe it was in an antique and used book store that I picked it up. It was printed in 1904.

An antique Tom Sawyer Book

Regardless, I love it. Mark Twain had the best sense of humor.

And I love this story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, along with the picture on the inside near the front cover.

Photo from the inside of a 1904 Tom Sawyer Book

I'm meeting a dear friend for coffee. In fact, this friend is someone I met over a decade ago in a thrift shop.

We bonded over thrifting and vintage clothing and have been the closest of friends ever since.

Isn't that a great thing? Fortuitous.

Happy Wednesday, my vintage friends. Hope today is wonderful for you.

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