Vintage 70s Boy Scout Trousers │ Olive Green Perfection

A pair of vintage boy scout pants
My husband was a Boy Scout.

So when he sees me selling these vintage Boy Scout trousers in my online vintage clothing shop, he has to laugh.

And then ask, "Why would anyone want to wear these?"

I understand. It still amazes me people want the things I used to wear in the '80s and '90s.

But boy scout trousers have an edge ... there's a certain goodness to them that, to be honest, a lot of things in the '80s didn't have style.

Don't get me wrong, the '80s were wild. Wild and crazy in the 1980s bubble paint, neon colors, and zig-zag lines sort of way.

They're not for everyone. Heck, they're not even for me. That's the stuff I tend to shy away from selling. Plenty of other folks do, so no worries. If you're looking for a wild neon green sweatshirt, they're out there.

Front and back images of boy scout pants
Olive green trousers, much in the same likeness to military Olive drab green, are a little more classic and conservative.

These pants are a tad more "normal." Perhaps you could call them semi-boring. I wouldn't call them that, but a pair of acid-washed jeans may beg to differ.

I just listed a great pair of Boy Scout Trousers, roughly a size 30. They measure 30x32.

I love the color. Olive green is my favorite color so when I see it when I'm out thrifting, if it's olive green and it's vintage, it's in my hands as soon as possible.

Long image of boy scout pants
I sell these often and sell them fast.

My husband may shake his head, perhaps never wishing to own or wear these ever again. But, Eagle Scouts get to do that if they want.

They paid their dues.

So, if you want some olive green trousers, or know you'll need some, then do what the Boy Scouts tell you to do: Be Prepared.

They're a great color, very durable and utilitarian, and an all-around perfect pair of trousers to bash around in. For men or women.

Get them today!

Have a great rest of your week, my vintage-loving friends.

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