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For those of you who reference this website for sale updates, because I really do want you to be in the know when it comes to sales, here is one to note: 

*20% off the entire shop President's Day Weekend Sale 2024 will begin Friday the 16th of February to Monday the 19th of February. *

This applies to folks in the United States as well as Canada.

For about 12 years, I sold worldwide: basically everywhere I could. I loved shipping overseas to countries all over the world, predominately to Australia, the UK, and Germany.

There was nothing like satisfying that vintage need for people in very different places from me, like Ireland, or South Africa... even the French-owned remote island of Reunion. I sold items everywhere. It was remarkable.

But, the dratted COVID changed a few things. Actually, it changed a lot of things.

The postal system outside of the US, whichever one your country uses, slowed down. And I mean, like slowed down by weeks. What normally took 10-14 business days was taking six weeks and beyond.

And not only that, because of the lengthened time it took to send and receive packages, packages were going missing. I had more packages lost from 2020-2022 than I had ever lost the ten years previous COMBINED.

It was becoming a headache. Buyers would ask me if I knew information about their package, or if I was privy to information about it, but I wasn't. As soon as it leaves the United States, I am none the wiser. I knew nothing more than what they could see on their shipping updates.

It was beyond frustrating for me, and for my customers and really hampered the joy of selling vintage. So I did what I had to do and stopped shipping internationally. It bothers me I had to do this and still bothers me.

I often think about what if things were reversed: what if I lived in the UK and could no longer buy from my shop. That would irritate me! 

This actually does the opposite of what I need and want and drives sales elsewhere. That's not a good business model, I know.

But, my hands are tied. I can't give the customer the quality shipping and tracking service the customer service they deserve.

Perhaps in another year or two, I may reinstate international shipping. For now, it isn't worth the headache... for any of us.

For the US and Canada, I'm here for you. Open and ready to ship within one business day. Feel free to message me via my Etsy shop site for any questions you have.

Enjoy this sale this weekend! Don't tell anyone, but I tend to do two sales a month: one "holiday" sale, whatever the holiday happens to be for the month, and a weekend sale, or flash sale, which usually covers two days.

I never know when I'll do that weekend sale every month, but it does tend to be toward the later half of the month so I can clear out seasonal/monthly inventory to get ready for the next month. 

But shhhh. Don't say a word!

*President's Day Sale 2024- 16th of February to 19th of February- and a kind reminder, All Sales are Final.*

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