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I sell a lot of vintage denim in my shop. In fact, I just checked my shop statistics, and I sell one piece of denim - whether it's a denim shirt, jeans, skirt, or overalls - every ten items. 

Pile of denim laying flat

Out of nearly 10,000 sales, 1200 items sold have been denim.

Obviously, denim is a chunk of my shop's inventory. There is one main reason for that: I love denim.

This last week of sourcing for my shop, I found a pile of denim to sell. Isn't this a beautiful picture? There's light wash denim, darker wash, and two different acid wash pieces. It's picturesque and makes my heart happy just looking at it.

Varying shades of vintage blue denim

Denim is such a part of my wardrobe staples, that I can't live without it. In turn, I feel like most people agree with this sentiment. Denim is necessary.

It's stylish, durable, and classic.

In fact, did you know that jeans began in Genoa in the 1500s and denim from "Nimes" in France in the 1600s? Then Levi Strauss went and did what everyone wanted to do in 1863: made jeans/denim available to everyone. 

There's an in-depth article about it written by Cotton Works and it's a fascinating read

Vintage blue denim skirt
Here's one of my finds this week; an acid-washed skirt. This skirt is adorable. It's an '80s mini skirt by Pantalon and will be listed in the shop this week. 

The vintage label Pantalon on a denim skirt
If you love denim like I do, be glad you do! You've got incredible taste. And we have the Italians and the French to thank for this beautiful creation.

If you're looking to add some denim to your wardrobe, stop by my shop. I've got you covered.


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