Thrashed Vintage 80s 90s Faded 501 Jeans │Vintage Levi's: The Perfect Jeans

When it comes to the perfect vintage pair of 501 jeans, some folks love the patina, fades, the "whiskering" and just the all-around gorgeous look that some vintage Levi's jeans attain. The more worn-in they are, the better. 

And I understand this sentiment 100%.

a pair of thrashed levi's jeans

I happen to prefer my jeans without holes (at first... I'll gladly take them while wearing them though. Meaning, I'd love to wear them enough to evoke holes!) But everything else, the fades, the softness, the perfection of the way they feel, yeah. I'm on board for that too.

A close up image of holes in a denim
There is nothing, in my humble opinion, better than worn-in, faded, vintage Levi's. There are many styles to choose from 550s, 517s, 560s, and 501s just to name a few.

But there's a reason the 501s are in demand and timeless: they fit just right. Straight but relaxed. Not too slim, but not too baggy. And the vintage cotton, after washing and wearing for over 40 years, is on a comfort level all unto its own.

A levi's 501jean label

I own several pairs of 501s in varying shades and love them dearly. They are so comfortable.

If you're looking for denim comfort, with real patina, and a classic cut with built-in relaxation you don't have to wait forty years for, buy vintage Levi's.

I stock them in my shop constantly (or as often as I can... they sell out quickly!)

Aren't these faded 501s perfect? The "whiskering" at the top of the waist is magnificent. The holes look worthy to be there, even the paint looks fantastic.

A close look of vintage fades in denim

These thrashed beauties are in the shop right now. Click here to find them!

Levi's for the win.

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