Vintage '70s Turtleneck Sweater + Vintage Belt │ Vintage Outfit of the Day

I'm trying to post one of my vintage outfits every week.

They're usually super casual outfits and today is no exception.

striped top, belt, and jeans

I'm wearing a vintage '70s top, a vintage '70s belt, and modern Levi's straight-cut jeans.

The top is a '70s space-dyed, made-in-Italy turtleneck sweater that I was supposed to sell. It was deadstock and had the tags still on it! 

An old tag

But after inspecting it, I noticed several "holes" just from the age of the fabric, and I didn't want to repair them (I'm not the best), so I kept it. I mended the holes, but they're far from perfect.

Regardless, it actually fits like a dream and the lady checking my things at Target today loved it and we got into a big old conversation about how great thrifting and vintage is. 

Striped vintage top and jeans

My people are everywhere.

I thrifted the belt and purchased the "Heather" buckle from eBay. I saw it years ago, and hello, had to have it. Who doesn't need a belt buckle with their name on it?

Belt with buckle that says Heather

The jeans are several years old, but they are Levi's and have lots of stretch. At my age, comfort has become more mandatory with every passing year.

An outfit with vintage top, belt and levi's

So that's my vintage OOTD (outfit of the day). I will post modern links to each item and if I can find a vintage comparable, as I always try to do, I'll link that as well.

Have a great week, my vintage friends.


Top: Striped Turtleneck

Belt: Vintage Belt

Jeans: Levi's 517s Straight Cut (light wash)

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