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Close up picture of vintage leather buttons

There is something about vintage buttons that evokes luxury.

Especially since most items don't even come with leather buttons anymore. The ones on modern clothing are cheap plastic fake leather buttons.

You can find leather buttons, but they'll cost more, and you're going to have to search them out. They don't just show up in the local JoAnn's.

This is my vintage cardigan. It is a men's cardigan, but it fits me perfectly (as do most men's small cardigans). I feel blessed by that little tidbit. Ha. But, I really do. I love vintage sweaters. And I have long arms, so finding sweaters and cardigans that fit can be a chore.

Vintage Wool Sweater lying on a vintage rug

The buttons on this piece are stunning leather, and the wool is thick and beautifully created.

It has a few random holes that pop up over the years just from wear and age and I go back in and close them up; insistent that I have many more years left with this beautiful cardigan in my wardrobe.

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