Thrift Haul │ Vintage Thrifted Finds for March 2024 Week 3

Tuesdays are great days. Today’s thrift haul was small but perfect. If I can find wool, denim, and Pyrex in one outing, my day is set. My day is wonderful.

A flatlay image of thrifted finds like vintage jac-shirt and pyred

Today, I foraged this gorgeous wool hunting jac-shirt. Probably made in the 1940s or 1950s, getting rare and harder to find, I love it when I happen across them, which isn't often. 

And though it's the first day of spring, I always buy off-season. That's when the best deals happen! And most shoppers aren't looking for winter clothing either.

It's missing its label, but it doesn't matter. It's super clean and no holes - it's beautiful with its thick, heavy-duty wool.

A close up of a vintage 40s hunting jacket

Also, found this1950s vintage bandana. Always a win to find an old red bandana. The stories they could tell.

A vintage bandana with a trunk up elephant

While I have this Pyrex refrigerator dish (in the Butterprint pattern) the price was fantastic and too good to pass up, so it'll be headed to the shop as well. It's also from the 1950s. Today was a '50s kind of day which is what I wish most of my days thrifting were like. 

Image of a 1940s Pyrex dish

Found a few belts as well (from the '80s), and some vintage denim shorts (also from the '80s) to round out the thrifted haul.

Fantastic finds today. I couldn't be happier.

Happy first day of spring!


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