Vintage Fire-King │ Turquoise Blue Fire-King

Four fire-king cups and saucers in Turquoise blue
My love for vintage Fire-king dishes has been around for over 35 years. 

I collected the blue. It's called "turquoise blue." What is Fire-King? The Anchor Hocking Company produced the dinnerware. They began production of Fire-king in the early 1940s and continued through the 1970s. There's a long history of its use and it was a staple for American dinner tables and diners through the decades.

Some pieces were put into cereal boxes as a free promo item! What a treat that would've been.

Hunting for Fire-King began when I would go to antique stores with my mom and sisters back when we girls were in our early teens. We all wanted to collect something. My mom discovered Fire-King and began to collect it in the Jadeite color (green). And we decided to do the same. (This was before prices became sky-high for the stuff.) 

The thrill of the hunt was pure joy (and probably why I'm selling vintage today... still looking for the high).

My sisters collected the gray, white, and azurite colors and we all still have our collections today. 

A turquoise blue fire-king plate
However, despite loving them with all of my heart, I found I wasn't using my collection. Other than the mugs and mixing bowls, I rarely used plates, cups, saucers, or small plates. And since I collect Pyrex as well, and use it, I decided to do the right thing and sell it to people who can use them. 

I can't collect everything (even if I want to).

I currently have some cups and saucers listed on my Etsy site, as well as a platter. I'll be listing the dinner plates soon. I've sold a few pieces already and it feels great to send them off to people who appreciate it like I do and want to use them. 

I'll miss "owning" them because I've had them for so long, but when I don't use my collections, it's time for me to send them off to others who truly can. I've had decades to enjoy them. 

And now others can too.


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