Vintage Outfit of the Day │ Vintage '60s Washington DeeCee Overalls

A pair of vintage DeeCee Overalls worn by a model
A portion of my back fence is being repaired today. 

It blew over a month ago from a particularly gusty storm. This meant that many other fences in the area were being repaired, so we're finally getting ours back too.

While I'm not doing any of the work on it, in honor of the work being done - and in reference to the workwear of old - I'm wearing my overalls.

Now, mind you, I wore overalls in the 1990s. I sort of told myself I'd never wear them again. But, things change and truth be told, never say never. It'll always come back to bite you. 

I found a pair of overalls that made me look like I wasn't actually swimming in them.

A vintage label of Washington DeeCee
These are DeeCee Overalls, probably made in the late '50s to early '60s. They're super slim, so I think they were made for young tween or teen boys. 

This company is still in business after starting in the early 1920s. They're from Nashville, Tennessee even though the name implies our nation's capital.

Regardless, they fit me great. I love them. 

So counter to my previous "never" statement of not wearing them ever again, here I am wearing them again.

I found an old ad to go with the company. While the ad is from the 1950s, and I'm pretty sure these are from the 1960s, it's fun to match clothing with what was actually advertised back in the day.

Again, this makes me feel like I'm literally traveling back in time.

Vintage 1950s DeeCee ad
DeeCee Ad

Hope your Thursday is fantastic, my vintage friends.


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