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A picture of an old pepsi wooden crate
A few months ago, I went to an estate sale three houses down and across the street from me.

It was awesome because it was a stone's throw away and because there was quite a bit of good merchandise.

Estate sales are hit or miss for me. I can almost always thrift something good, but when it comes to estate sales, it's either all good or nothing good.

It's not because the houses aren't full of stuff. Every single home is always overloaded with things. But when it comes to vintage for me, I'm looking for a specific type of vintage.

There's nothing wrong with newer vintage. But for me, I prefer the older vintage. We're talking '70s and older. Most estate sales don't have that. It's not that the stuff isn't out there, it is. But the longer I do this, the less common this vintage is becoming.

Close up of a vintage pepsi crate

This estate sale was a winner. We found an arts and crafts style table (which we kept and is in our living room) and a few other random things. 

But, I also picked up this old Pepsi wooden soda crate.

The original slats that went with it were missing, but I didn't care. I've been wanting one for years. 

And the main reason I wanted one was to use to display my vintage items for my Etsy shop when the need arrives.

There's nothing like an old piece of "furniture" to display my goods. The patina, age, and charm of the piece hopefully add to the patina, age, and charm of the item I'm looking to list!

A belt on a vintage pepsi crate
Like today, for example. I was photographing a men's belt (of course, ladies can wear this belt but it didn't fit my form, so I needed to use a flat surface) and I used the Pepsi crate, albeit upside down.

Perfect display piece.

If you're looking for unusual items, estate sales can be pretty fun. The items haven't been filtered through the way sorters filter through items at thrift stores. 

And sometimes, prices can be even better than the thrifts. Especially on the second to last or last day of the sale. The estate sale liquidators just want to get rid of the stuff.

That's when the prices are just right.

Inside of a vintage pepsi crate

Having said that, I have been to some estate sales with outrageous prices, so the negative pricing is everywhere.

Regardless, the moral of the story is this: if there's an estate sale across the street and three houses down from you, go to it.

You never know what you'll find. There's just something about a vintage decor piece that gives depth to your home's look - something that new decor can't evoke.

Happy vintage hunting...

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