Thursday Mini-Mini Vintage Haul

A picture of glasses on a counter
Today, I went to my optometrist for an eye exam.

I'm sure this probably all sounds routine to you and also a little bit "who cares."

Well, I'm mentioning it because:

  • 1. I haven't had an eye exam for almost three years. I just started wearing readers last year and I'm still adjusting. I don't like them - and don't want them - but I have to use them to read anything anymore. Sigh. Such is life. Did you know that the term"vintage" is used for anything over twenty years old? I'm about 2.5 times vintage. The glasses are needed
  • 2. My father retired as an optometrist three years ago. He is the only optometrist I've ever known, and the only one I've ever had to go to. In 2.5 times vintage years! So, going to a new eye doctor is kind of a big deal. A little bit saddening but a good big deal. Just like needing readers, I needed a new optometrist. Things change. Nothing I can do but accept it.
  • 3. The good news is my distance vision is still wonderful. The bad news is my presbyopia is getting a little bit worse. Yikes. I will mention that since changing my diet about 16 months ago (getting rid of sugar, grains, most vegetables, and fruit) the floaters in my right eye disappeared. So, in a small way, my vision has gotten a little bit better (and canceling out that my near-sightedness is worse.) So, yay for sticking to a diet that does good things!
A flatlay photo of a cardigan and bandana
Tuesdays may be my main vintage sourcing day for my Etsy, but Thursday is my second day. I only go to two or three thrift stores. Today's haul (I use that word loosely today) was very small, but I found a beautiful Aran Irish wool cardigan that will be hitting the shop soon, as well as a vintage bandana. 

If I didn't already have a cardigan just like it, this one would be in my wardrobe. They're some of the best sweaters out there.

As always, when the items go together, it makes for a fun day of thrifting. Now that I have to put my glasses on to read a label or a price tag, it's forced me to slow down just a little bit. Which is good for the soul. 

I may not like wearing my readers, but slowing down during my vintage questing does wonders for the heart, mind, and body.


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