Azaleas in Bloom | My Vintage Garden

A display of azaleas
There’s something about variegated flowers that reminds me of Disneyland. The flowers at the Disney parks are immaculate and Eden-like. 

I think it was variegated petunias I recall fondly on my Disneyland trips of the past.

 I’m headed there once more this May (it’s been a few years!) and I’ll be paying attention this time to what variegated flowers they planted. 

The contrast between white and pink, the stripes, and the way it looks so fake: that's all of what draws me to them.

How can nature be so perfect?

My variegated flowers make me marvel at God's handiwork.

Close up of a variegated azalea

The azaleas in my front yard are variegated (and striped). I adore these ones the most. 

Short-lived, their petals will fade in a few weeks, especially after the rain today, so I’m snapping a photo to keep it in my memory. 

Have a great weekend.


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