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Last night, I watched a beautifully done movie called Freud's Last Session. It is a fictional account of a meeting between psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and Christian writer, theologian, and apologist C.S. Lewis.  Anthony Hopkins played Freud. And he did it very well.

While there's no proof this meeting ever happened, there's a possibility it did. All we know is an Oxford don visited Freud in his last days. It could've been Lewis. 

This movie was both written and acted superbly. Both sides were equally represented (for the existence or inexistence of God). Freud's Last Session gave hauntingly real potential re-enactments of conversations that could've taken place between two of the most brilliant minds of their time.

Freud and Lewis were two very unique individuals. But this movie brought them together in a way I could've never conceived. With gorgeous scenery, beautiful interior design, and accurate and authentic vintage details in Freud's study (and everywhere), watching this movie was like drinking a rich cup of coffee. The decor was delicious and inviting. 

Image of Anthony Hopkins

The cinematic vintage wardrobe was also spectacular. The British do vintage nicely. The movie is currently available on Netflix (and also on DVD or streaming).

I give it two vintage thumbs up.


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