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So, I remember when the HBO series “True Detective” came out starring Matthew McConaughey (sometime in 2014) but I never watched an episode. 

I also remember a certain mug made famous from this show. I began seeing it pop up on Etsy and it was selling for crazy amounts. Like $80-100 crazy for a single mug.

A Big Hug Mug for Sale

While I wasn’t lucky enough to find one then, good things come to those who wait. I just found one. Maybe ten years past its prime, but I'll take it. And it's in excellent condition. 

Apparently, the mug hit just right on the show because of the balance it created. It was an older mug already (produced by the FTD people - you know, the flowers company) so not a new mug, even then. 

The show was heavy and serious but the mug was light and happy. Every book, movie, or TV show needs contrast and contradiction for good content. Conflict and tension - as well as contrasting elements - lead to irresistible entertainment.

A still of Matthew McConaughey from True Detective from HBO

This mug did just that. It fits the bill. (And so you know, it’s in the shop, at a more friendly price too.) 

And to all my fellow vintage mug lovers, may your mug be vintage and your coffee hot. Happy Vintage Mug Monday.


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