Pyrex Update for Perennial Pyrex │ Vintage Pyrex Collection

For over three years, I've had a Pyrex Tiktok account. It has been a very fun account to maintain. Many folks love Pyrex like I do. And thanks to social media, there's a way to group subjects to find what you like and keep it in your feed.

Pyrex fans are out there and love it like I do!

The gist of this TikTok account was to document my Pyrex thrifting journey. It was all for myself. Just to document my thrifted Pyrex find and watch my collection grow.

Turns out, people loved watching me collect! And that things were thrifted was an extra fun part of the treasure hunt. I was just shy of 20,000 followers. 

I got rid of that account a week ago. It served its purpose and I was tired of dealing with the trolls. 99% of my followers were lovely people.

But there's always those few party poopers. I was tired of them. My collection is for me. Not for anyone else. I don't care what other people say and have decided not to deal with it anymore. The good and the bad.

Having said that, I didn't get rid of the TikTok account because of the trolls. I was already thinking of deleting it because I'd acquired more than half of the Pyrex out there and finding pieces I don't have is going to get more difficult. 

Meaning, fewer posts to post. It was time. Time to leave Tiktok. 

Believe it or not, I'm relieved. The pressure to post is always out there and I despise it. Some people may say they don't feel pressure to post; even if they have a huge following. Well... they'd be lying. That's the nature of social media; to post and keep posting for more followers. I don't care who you are, the pressure is there.

It was a joy to have it when I had it, but I'm just as joyous now saying goodbye to it.

So, no more TikTok "Perennial Pyrex" for me. I love my Pyrex, and still plan on adding thrifted Pyrex finds but if I have a good find - and I know there are other finds out there to be found - I have a vintage blog to post it on: this one. Right here. Perennial Vintage Supply.

Meanwhile, here's the latest look at what I have. This is three years and three months of thrifting Pyrex. It is 98% thrifted. The other 2% are gifts or a random antique store find. 

There's more Pyrex to find in my thrifting world, albeit less as my collection continually amasses, but I'm always on the quest.

Pyrex fans, I get you. I love you! Thanks for following along on my Pyrex journey in Northern California.

A closet full of vintage Pyrex


Pyrex on Shelves


Pyrex on shelves


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