Thrift Haul │My Vintage Thrifted Finds froom May 30, 2024

Some weeks, the thrifting finds could be better. 

And some weeks, they're terrible.

This week was one of those terrible. It's not like I didn't find anything, but those special pieces weren't to be found. Instead, small simple finds were my finds. Which, truth be told, are my bread-and-butter items... which keeps my shop running.

However, I do the best I can with what's been given to me (my motto for just about darn near everything in my life if I can help it)! Here's what I found:

  • 1 Vintage '80s dress- I love that design and bird on the front.
  • 4 Vintage '70s-90s belts - I sell a ton of belts and particularly love the large brown one on the bottom in pics - that may be older than '70s- I'm thinking '60s based on the patina of the buckle.
  • 1 Vintage '90s thermal - Theremals sell like crazy - I get it. They're a staple.
  • 1 Vintage '80s Mug made in Korea - Mugs are my jam.
  • Flat lay of thrifted finds

    Vintage Mug

    Vintage Flat lay of 4 Belts

The total of all things purchased this week was about $20. Small finds. But as I said, they're the staples that make my store run well.

So, how can I be ungrateful? PTL I even found these things. All are headed to the shop by this weekend.

Thanks for checking in on my vintage finds. 

Until next week...

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