Introvert Wine │ Cabernet Sauvignon Recommendation

The other day, I talked about being an introvert. And how certain character traits allow one to identify where they fit into the Briggs-Meyer and Enneagram identifiers.

An image of a wine bottle called Introvert
Well, when I came across this wine, Introvert, a California Cabernet Sauvignon, I was smitten and had to get it. Yes, like most women, the wine label got me. But not because of the image, rather the NAME.
Introvert Wine

It's practically like finding a bottle of wine with my name on in.

Introvert Wine Label

Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite wine, Zinfandel is a close second. But this is a tasty wine, with pretty deep notes (I taste cherry) is yummy especially if you're looking for an inexpensive bottle to enjoy. They even carry it at Costco right now. 


Introvert Wine

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