Vintage Haul │My Thrifted Finds June 26, 2024

Yesterday's thrifted finds were very colorful.  And quite repetitive. 

You know how if we like something in one color, we tend to want to buy it in multiple colors? Even if we don't need them?

I found other folks' need for repetition today. Four '80s sweatshirts of different colors. Three bandanas are all similar and three other bandanas of a similar type too. I'm positive they all came from the same household.

 And it's not like I don't understand this concept. I do.

When you find something good, you want to have more of it!

Anyway, I love the vintage '70s skirt too. Not only is it a maxi skirt, which is fun and perfect for fall, but it's deadstock. Meaning, it still has tags on it. Never worn!

I do fit it, so it may end up in my closet for a little bit. Alas, it's a work hazard I'm willing to deal with if I have to... ha.

Found vintage denim, vintage belts, and even a few mugs not shown here. Great haul this week. Lots of finds and I'm so grateful.

By the way, the whole shop is 20% off for the next few days. Get on over if you've got your eye on something.

Thanks for checking out my latest thrift haul! All items are headed to the shop this week.

Flat lay of vintage thrifted finds

Vintage flay lay of a long skirt

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