Vintage Pinched Pottery Vase

Vintage pottery vases are a beautiful thing. It's also something - when I see them and they fit my parameters for keeping a vase - that I want for my own collection.

I've sold many vintage vases over the years in my shop and still do from time to time, but there are random vases - pottery vases - I come across while thrifting that need to be a part of my collection.

I found one today. 

My vintage vase collection is mostly in blues and greens, so this one is unusual in its color (for me) and has a pattern on it.

a vintage vase on a table

But the best part is it's a pinched vase. So, two sides of it were pinched and fired that way. How unique!

This little guy is only about 6 inches tall. There aren't any markings on the bottom, unfortunately. But that's okay. I've set him on my side table in the family room and it fits in perfectly.

A vintage pottery vase on a table

This vase has been in my local thrift store for weeks. And for those weeks, I'd walk by and look at it thinking I should buy it - "Look, it's still here that means I should get it." (And then I shake my head and say to myself, "I don't need another vase!")

Today, I broke down and bought it. For $2.99, it was worth it. It could be handmade by a novice, but I kind of don't think it is. Someone knew what they were doing when making this sweet vase.

Sometimes, it's the little things that are the big things.

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