Vintage Thrift Haul │ My Thrifted Finds - 2 July, 2024

Today's thrifted finds were fantastic. I love how they all go together. This happens a lot ... the matching. But that's probably because I love neutrals and denim. So naturally, that's what ends up in my cart.

My thrift haul is this:
  • Two pairs of overalls - one from the '70s, the other from the '90s. Again finding overalls (for me) is like finding money... they sell, they sell fast, and I never have enough in my shop. Having sold over 500 pairs over the years, they're my best-selling item.
  • Two vintage '70s mugs (may keep one, but I will sell one too... aren't you proud of me?)
  • Three vintage belts - all circa '90s.
  • One pair of capri pants, circa late '60s
  • One sweater, women's circa '80s, by Furstenberg
  • One vintage '80s Shenandoah pattern Pyrex 475 casserole (for my collection... I didn't have this size yet! Such a fun find for $7.50.)
Have a great week. All items will head to the shop this week.

And stay cool. In Sacramento, we're headed for 110 degrees or so today (which isn't normal.) 

I'll be in the pool...
A picture of vintage thrifted finds

vintage finds


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