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I don’t post what I’m wearing much on my Instagram (I used to have a fashion account) but I do like posting occasionally and that tends to be my “Sunday best” outfit. I may try to post those here. Since so much of what I wear is vintage, it belongs on this blog.  

Image of women wearing double denim

Today’s look is one of my favorites. Denim on denim. 

Image of denim jacket on jeans

It’s a uniform, really. I own a lot of vintage denim. So denim and top and bottom has become my go-to look. 

Today’s look is actually more modern than vintage. The jacket and belt are vintage, the rest is modern. 

Image of top belt and jeans

I’ll link what I have on as far as the modern items are concerned and for the vintage, I’ll link back to comps in my shop. 

Woman wearing a denim outfit

These boots, by Red Wing, are some of my favorites. Made incredibly well (and made to last - also made in the USA), they’re comfortable and classic. Will last for years. Worth every penny. 

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