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A large soup mug
I've been collecting vintage mugs for over 15 years.

It started out as a cheap addiction. I mean, when mugs go for fifty cents (and sometimes up to $2), you're truly collecting something that doesn't cost much and satisfies a craving for a good quality item.

Are you a coffee mug collector too? Maybe you collect them for other hot drinks like tea, or cocoa, or perhaps, the evening hot toddy?

Regardless, I understand the sentiment because I'm fully ensconced in the concept of collecting mugs.

Heck, I'm into curating a vintage mug collection. I wrote about it here because hello, it's not just an addiction but an obsession.

I love vintage '60s to '70s mugs, a lot in the Otagiri camp (again, future a post will be coming about that), and many others made in Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere. 

A hand holding a blue mug
I happen to like the smaller mugs. 

Mugs of today are almost all a minimum of 12-16 ounces. That's huge. By the time you finish your cup of coffee, the coffee is cold.

Vintage mugs take care of this issue. 8 ounces at a time. This is why vintage mugs get to be the Goldilocks of mugs: not too big, and not too small.

If you love vintage mugs like I do, they're few and far between. I thrift a lot and I still find them few and far between. 

However, that doesn't stop me from looking as often as I can.

After 15 years, my collection is coming along. It looks a little like this:

A cupboard of vintage mugs stacked together

Anyway, happy mug hunting. Tell me your favorite mug! 

I have too many favorites to pick just one, but there is one from the '60s I adore. I'll have to do a post on that mug. It deserves it.

If you're looking for a good vintage mug, don't forget to check out my shop. I not only love mugs to collect but also sell. Remember, I sell what I love.

Best rule ever.

Well, okay, that rule gets me into trouble. I want to keep everything I love.

And yet, this blog is essentially everything I love (which is what I sell, too) so if you're ever wondering what I like, take a passing glance at this blog, and you'll know.

But common sense gets knocked into me after I hold and admire the thing I'm supposed to sell, and I get my head on straight, and look at my cupboards (overflowing and all) and know indeed: some things are to sell, not to keep.

I want others to have the good things too. I want others to appreciate vintage as I do.

And with vintage mugs, it's a cheap addiction almost anyone can afford to keep.

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