Vintage Pyrex Coffee Pot with Silver Crescent Moon Top │ Vintage Pyrex

I thrifted this gorgeous Pyrex coffee pot the other day.

Image of a glass coffee pot

It's probably from the 1950s era, based on the style... maybe the early '60s. Yes, it is missing the lid.

I collect vintage Pyrex and love the colors the vintage ones afford. They don't make Pyrex like this anymore. My collection is growing. This is after only three years. ↓ And get this... it's 95% thrifted!

Display closet of Pyrex

I'll have to do a more in-depth post about my Pyrex one day.

Meanwhile, though I didn't need this coffee pot, the mid-century look won me over and I had to take her home.

Image of a hand holding a vintage Pyrex coffee pot

I'm "trying" to do research on it, but the pattern or name of it is eluding me. I'll keep on searching.

I'd love to find a replacement lid and use it at my next coffee/ tea get-together with my family or friends. What a beautiful piece.

A clost up shot of a vintage Pyrex Coffee Pot

Do any of you know the name of this one? If so, let me know in the comments below. I'd appreciate it greatly.

Cheers, my vintage friends. I'm toasting a cup of coffee to you right now.

Happy weekend.

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