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A stack of thrifted finds, from trousers, a belt, a mug and bandana
After thrifting professionally for almost 14 years, I've learned what I love to sell and what I love to wear. 

Both are mutually exclusive. Because I sell 100% of what I love.

And I love to own and wear anything I would sell.

So, often I will keep what I want to sell and later on sell what I thought I wanted to keep.

It's a job hazard for certain. But one that I'm willing to sacrifice for. Ha.

Many times, and I'm talking each week I do this, I bring home a stash of vintage clothing that I plan to sell and plop it down on my bed to sort through.

Up closet shot of a vintage belt with beautiful patina
Often the whole set of clothing all goes together. It's remarkable. But then, as I look through the findings, I realize, "Of course this happens. I have a basic idea of what I love and all of those colors go together."

Today, I had to run a few errands and had a chance to stop by two thrift stores. I picked up a few things as I breezed through the stores and later on, when I began to check out my finds in more detail, I found that they all went together like a perfectly curated outfit.

It's missing a sweater (that's because I've already found those earlier this week), but on the whole, isn't this a fantastic look? It feels so relaxed with a Ralph Lauren vibe to it.

I collect belts, so this belt would stay in my closet if I didn't already have one just like it! I collect mugs, I collect bandanas, and olive green is my favorite color. This thrift haul has my name on it.

A yellow and brown vintage mug
Here's what's in this set of vintage thrifted finds: vintage Boy Scout trousers, a gorgeous (with deep patina) Mexico-made belt, a Taiwan-made vintage mug, and a vintage 70s to 80s blue bandana.

I would wear this. All of it. And to some extent, as I said, my wardrobe already consists of all of this.

These will start showing up in my listings this week and next, so keep an eye out!

I love to shop for things that I love (and sometimes keep) and it's why everything - I mean everything - in my shop are things I adore.

Have a wonderful day, my vintage friends, keep thrifting, and tell me about some of your favorite thrifted finds below. 

I'd love to hear about it.


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