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I found this beautiful deep rich brown leather clutch with a patina to die for a few weeks ago at my local favorite thrift store.

Image of a leather purse lying flat

Are you wondering what the word patina means? My apologies. I use it all the time because it's such a desired feature in vintage clothing and accessories, and...  actually it's used in descriptions for almost anything vintage.

Patina gives a vintage item its value. The more wear, the better. It gives it age, provenance, and history.

Patina, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, or one of the meanings of patina is "a surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use."

This little clutch purse is perfect to me. 

Wear it with your favorite vintage Levi's and a comfy sweater and loafers and you're looking stunning.

A woman holding a purse

Look at this sweet handle. The leather is soft and supple. The interior is clean. The handle is still very secure.

Vintage purse held by a woman
I loved this purse so much that I kept it in my closet for a few weeks while I sorted out my priorities. 

I already have more purses than I need (and can possibly use, which is why I've gone minimalist as I've aged), so this beauty is up in my shop right now.

There is nothing more beautiful than soft, aged, patinated leather.

If this little perfect purse is something you might be looking for, I just listed it in my shop. 

Check it out! ◄


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