Vintage Pendleton Blankets │ Why Vintage Pendleton Blankets are Perfect for your Vintage Aesthetic Home

A stack of vintage pendleton blankets for the home.
When it comes to vintage versus modern, there is something always to be said for vintage: vintage is better made. 

I don't care if it's clothing, a mug, or a blanket - as is the idea behind this blog post, and really, most of the posts on this website - vintage is the best. 

I grew up with a Pendleton blanket in the house. It's now vintage, but at the time, I remember it feeling and looking like it was a blanket that could outlast any of us.

I still feel that way about vintage Pendleton blankets. Because of that, I managed to amass a few in my home collection. They are a gorgeous accent piece to any living room, family room, or bedroom. 

Do you have a favorite chair to read in? Maybe a favorite recliner to watch television in? A vintage blanket over the back perks up your space and tells me that you care about quality.

Pendleton Woolen Mills began in 1863 and opened for shop in 1909 by Thomas L. Kay. And for decades, they have been one of the go-to retailers for quality wool products. 

I've sold dozens of vintage Pendleton blankets, and because of that, when I find them (I make sure it's not needed in my stash ... haha) I list them as soon as I possibly can. There is a vintage aesthetic, and a quality showmanship effect, that comes with blankets like these.

Because of that, they sell out quickly.

Unlike most modern brands that have been around for decades, their company's policies seem to have shifted to a more modern "bottom line" mindset. While I understand business, the goal of business-owning that is profitable, it's best to keep your inventory costs as low as possible. I get that.

I also like that the vintage Pendleton Blankets have a history with the local tribes associated early on with the company. According to, "The Pendleton Blanket began at a woolen mill in Pendleton, Oregon. The mill’s core focus was producing eye-catching blankets with genuine Native American designs for the Walla Walla, Cayuse, and Umatilla tribes in the Northeast. The popularity of the blankets spread like wildfire to other local white settlers and tribes, after which tourists visiting the area also bought weavings as souvenirs."

I love the history behind the design.

But here's the rub, is the bottom line worth more than the cost of the name of your company? 

Like Pendleton blankets, modern Pendleton shirts - amazing quality wool button-down shirts - are not the same. I've tried to appreciate them, and I'll probably do a post about this in the fall when I begin to bust out the Pendletons in my shop.

The vintage ones' thickness and quality are over-the-top better than the modern Pendleton shirts. 

Are the newer ones beautiful? Yes! Gorgeous. Are the newer ones still worth buying? I'd say so. But, if you've owned vintage Pendleton shirts (which I have and still own) knowing how good the vintage ones are doesn't make me want to buy the new ones. I'd prefer the vintage ones, thank you very much,

Vintage Pendleton Blankets in a basket, perfect for that vintage home aesthetic.
Why is this? It's their manufacturing process; a combination of the type of wool they're using, the way they create them, and most likely, where they're manufactured. Made in Mexico just isn't the same as made in the USA. And the quality shows.

If the costs are cheaper to make somewhere other than the USA, more often than not, the quality suffers. I can say this with the expert opinion I normally don't promote. But after nearly a decade and a half of selling vintage, I can truthfully tell you that vintage-made clothing and home items will always be better made than their modern counterparts.

I will also say that of all the new things Pendleton makes today, their blankets have stayed the course in quality and manufacturing. They're not quite the same as the vintage ones, but pretty darn close. 

I've owned a newer Pendleton blanket. It closely fits the classic and quality style that vintage Pendleton used to be known for. So, would I recommend the newer Pendleton's? Yes. 100%.

They're not going to be exactly the same though. In my opinion, the quality is slightly less than the modern pieces, but the wool is different too. So, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt on their blankets (but not their shirts) and telling you that their blankets are pretty amazing.

If you're looking for vintage pieces for your home, items that really give a kick of individuality to your home decor, I'd recommend vintage Pendleton blankets. They're worth every penny and will last decades if you take care of them. (hand wash, and keep a clean home!)

Vintage Pendleton blankets are beautiful, quality thick wool, that will last you a lifetime more.

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