Vintage Belts │ How One Simple Vintage Accessory Makes the Vintage Inspired Outfit

A belt with native american attributes to it by Tony Lama
Vintage belts are the best accessory, and here's why: they're all unique. Not one has the same age and wear as another.

Let me give you an example of how I work with vintage belts,  how I style them, and how I wear them.

I sell many belts but I also own many of them. Belts are a huge part of my wardrobe. In fact, on days when my outfit is semi-ho-hum, I'll add a belt with that certain "je ne sais quoi," and suddenly, it's no longer a ho-hum look but a va-va-voom bonanza!

In a previous post, I talked about how wonderful (and ignored) vintage belts have become. The answer is a resounding yes for anyone questioning if they should wear belts.

They make the outfit, much like the shoes do. People look at what you're wearing, but they pay attention to details. I know I do.

Are you wondering if a belt is needed in your wardrobe? 

On the fence about adding a vintage one to your wardrobe?

A image of a person wearing a ribbed shirt, jeans, and a vintage belt
Here's a simple look into what I do and why you should own belts (vintage or new) in your wardrobe.

Here's my outfit for today. It's a simple and traditional Eddie Bauer ribbed turtleneck with skinny Gustin Jeans. While those two things are both classic, minimalistic, and an essential part of my minimal style (pieces that are versatile and go with everything I own) it's the belt that lifts this outfit into another category.

This is a Tony Lama belt. They've been in business for decades. In fact, the history behind the Tony Lama Company is fascinating and got its start in the 1930s in Texas. While this belt may not be fully vintage (it may be more from the mid to late 2000s), I can tell you that the vintage ones are just as beautiful.

By the way, in case you were wondering, vintage refers to any item that is older than 20 years old.

When you buy a vintage belt, you're buying a patina and wear that takes years to accomplish. That faded and beautiful aged look take time to appear, but if you're buying vintage, that beauty is already there. You didn't have to do a thing, you didn't have to wait a few decades, you didn't even have to work in it like most cowboys who bought Tony Lama boots (and eventually belts) had to do.

All you have to do is buy it, wear it, and love it.

This belt is in the vein of Native American designs. In fact, I have an authentic Indian necklace that shows who they were trying to imitate.

A belt buckle with an ornate design
Native American design is one of the most beautiful out there. I tend to lean toward that design and incorporate it into my wardrobe as often as I can. It's classic, unique, and truly stands out.

While this outfit and the belt combination isn't rocket science, I wanted you to see that it isn't difficult to understand how much of a difference the right belt makes the look you're going for,

Thanks for taking a peek and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below! I sell a lot of belts (because I love them so much) in my shop. So belts are always on my radar.

Wear the belts, people!

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