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I go to estate sales semi-regularly. But they're still irregularly regular. Like maybe once a month. I found this beautiful quilt at the sale, and while it may not be that old (I'm thinking '70s) it sure is a beautiful design

Close up of a quilt

I love the rounded edges of the quilt. Meaning, it's not a traditional square or rectangle, but a whole bunch of semi-circles surrounding the piece. Somebody worked many hours on this beautiful blanket.

A flatlay image of a vintage quilt

We don't use it often, but I like to take it out and use it occasionally. I hand-washed it and let it air dry when I got it (never machine wash vintage clothing or any other fabric items) and it is the sweetest piece.

As the weather warms up, I may replace the wool blanket on my bed for this one. It's a great medium to lightweight blanket.

I also love this vintage photo of a woman in Kern County (relatively in the area where I live in Northern California) from the 1940s. What a work of art. She looks so proud of herself. I would be too if I made a blanket like that.

Image of a women holding a quilt
Source: Farm Security Administration 
Photographer: Dorothea Lange

Have a wonderful weekend. It's supposed to be in the 70s again here and it's a perfect day to do some spring cleaning in the yard and in my home.


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