Vintage '80s Pendleton Western Wear Sweater

A flatlay view of a vintage pendleton sweater

I just listed this incredible Pendleton sweater.
I've only sold a handful of vintage Pendleton sweaters over the years because they're that hard to find. It's partly because they're rare, and in-demand, and partly because people hold on to them.
This one is stunning.
That turquoise blue is unique but draws the eye immediately to the pattern.
And it is a perfect counterpart to the design.
Turquoise (one of my favorites) is a stone many Indians use in their jewelry.
So choosing that color for the sweater is a perfect fit.

A close up view of a pendleton sweater

Pendleton released a "Western wear" line that shows attributes of Western design, western details, and often images of what the Old West was thought to be.
While it's a somewhat glamorized version of the West, I have to say I adore their native American pattern lines. It's the same quality and design they use in their blankets.
Such beauty.

Vintage Pendleton Label Close up

The label is beautiful to me, too. I'm over-the-moon excited every time I happen across a vintage Pendleton, whether it's a wool shirt, wool sweater, or wool blanket.
That blue label is a shot of adrenaline every time I see it.
Because I know it means something quality is going to show itself before my eyes.


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