Levi's Jeans │ My Favorite Vintage Jeans are Levi's

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. 

A pile of Levi's Jeans
My favorite Levi’s eight

Either they fit just so, or it’s as if they were made for you (and perhaps you did have them altered to fit right). 

But there is nothing like that feeling. The snug, but comfortable, fit of a favorite pair of jeans. There's especially nothing like the feeling of slipping on a pair of jeans after a long day in formal clothing. 

I kind of equate jeans to sweatpants; they’re that comfortable to me and cotton denim should be comfy like sweatpants. Cotton softens as we wear it. Plus it's a natural fiber without synthetics. It's good for your skin. 

So the more you wear your cotton jeans (and wash them) the softer and better they get.  

My favorite brand is Levi Strauss. And they know all about real fabrics. I know it's a classic and common choice, Levi's. I’ve tried to branch out but I always return to the original.  

A close up of a vintage levi's label
One of my favorite pairs- look at that patina.

Vintage denim Levi's feels even better to me because of the cotton and the way it was manufactured. Thick denim, amazing fading, vintage denim is so special. 

Fortunately, Levi's has a heritage line today that is a throwback to how they used to make them: all cotton with this quality thick selvedge denim. 

So, I feel like they're trying. Which makes me happy.

I own many pairs of Levi's and have since pared down the denim in my closet to jeans I only wear. Meaning, there aren't any I don't wear. And most are Levi's.

I used to have a few pairs (of other brands) I wouldn't wear and they sat there unhappy. I donated those. Today, 8 out of the 10 pairs of jeans I wear are Levi's. Some are modern pairs, but most are vintage. I've got some from the 1950s up to a couple years ago from 2020. They vary in cut from 501 to 511.

Levi's are it for me and probably always will be. The more I research the old archival information out there, and the more I read about Levi Strauss, as well as my quest for vintage Levi's as I thrift and treasure hunt for vintage denim (mostly Levi's) for my vintage shop, the more I love Levi's. It can't be helped.

What's your favorite denim brand?

Let me know.


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