March 23rd is National Puppy Day │ Vintage Puppy Photo

A vintage puppy photo
Courtesy of Pinterest 
I’ll take any day to think about puppies. 

But on National Puppy Day, it’s definitely a perfect day to think about a pup. This photo is adorable.

Due to my pup passing a few months ago, I have many people asking if I’ll get another. A normal question. Especially for, or from, a dog lover. 

“Maybe one day,” is my answer, but not now. 

We had her for 13 years. It was a wonderful time. But having the freedom not to worry about her is where I’m at. I’m taking a break  and my heart is still healing  

So, I pet random dogs, look at puppy photos, and watch dog videos to fill in the void in my heart and get my dog "fix." It's not the same, but it helps.

Happy National Puppy Day 2024.

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