Saturday Morning Rain │My Vintage Garden

The rain returned to Northern California. I’m always so happy to have it. Perpetually deficient in the wet stuff, our state can use every drop. 

I took this shot while the sun was just beginning to come up but with cloud cover a few minutes ago. The green of my "victory" herb garden looks lovely with it, to me. 

A image of a garden against a cloudy sky
My herb garden

The Hobbit Garden will always be my quest. I’m hopefully getting closer to the Hobbit home and garden I’ve always wanted. 

A Movie still of the Hobbit Home
From the movie, The Hobbit

Tolkien figured out that the best things in life are simple and generally budget-friendly. And made one of his main characters yearn for it amidst great adventures. The vintage garden I aspire to is a Hobbit Garden.

The Book Cover of the Hobbit
Great Book!

As Bilbo Baggins says in The Hobbit, "I miss my books, and my armchair, and my garden. See that's where I belong; that's home."

I feel the same way. 

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