Coffee + Thrifting with a Friend = The Perfect Saturday

I went to coffee with a friend today.

This friend happens to be "family" (she's the sister-in-law of my sister so I'm not sure what that makes us...) and we end up seeing each other - to do this wonderful "coffee thrift" event - once a year. It should be seasonal at best. But, life sidetracks us.

We live in the same town. It's kind of a deplorable thing to see one another so little. But it's always a great time to catch up on life events over a cup of coffee.

It's also a great time to head to a thrift store together and treasure hunt.

While she found tons of things she needed, I only found one thing and I definitely didn't "need" it. I didn't even find anything for the vintage shop.

But this mug I found was perfect. I'm adding it to my vintage mug collection. 

Do you know what I love about '60s and '70s vintage mugs? They're either obvious in their design or abstract. Like, you know it's a flower because it looks like a flower or you end up with a design that you think is a flower.

It's either one or the other.

This mug is of the abstract kind. I believe these are flowers with designs all around them. Maybe.

And I love it.

Today was a success. Friends, family, and finds.


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