Thank God its Vintage Friday │ TGIVF with Mark Twain

A photo of Mark Twain and his Dog in black and white

After posting about my "vintage quotes" era in a previous post this week, coming across a Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemons) photo with his dog did it for me.

What a beautiful dog. The dog looks like he's waiting for dinner.

Mark looks like he wants to say something clever.

Or controversial.

Or perhaps a combination of the two.

His hair though... I love the picture. If there ever was a vintage author I'd want to meet, it would've been him. He spoke out very clearly (and hilariously) what he believed in and didn't back down from it. That's a character trait to aspire to.

Sometimes, all I need is a vintage photo with a dog and its author, and my Friday is made.

Happy Friday and thank God it's Vintage Friday.

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